"Beyond Mind" Meditation

To really know the Mind, one needs to go beyond the Mind. It might be difficult to know the total reality of the Mind, through the Mind or by being inside the Mind. A change of frame or reference is needed. The best analogy to understand this, is to know about the earth. Being on the earth, it appears to be flat. Moreover it appears almost limitless. But when we go higher up beyond the earth, we get to know the true reality of the earth that the earth is actually round in shape and limited in size. So here mere “seeing is believing” does not hold good, because what we see is not the whole truth. And everyone should strive to know the real truth.

In “Beyond Mind” Meditation, we raise ourselves higher than the layer of the Mind. The key of the experience is the positioning. One has to position oneself at sufficiently higher place, where one can see the whole big picture. In a way it might appear as a “No Mind” Meditation. Though in “No Mind” Meditation, one can still be in the boundaries of Mind. Here in “Beyond Mind” Meditation one clearly goes beyond the Mind, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The main step of the “Beyond Mind” Meditation technique is the positioning of Self beyond the boundary which clearly defines the inside or the outside of Mind. Then establishing the Self at sufficiently higher external place, where one can observe the whole Mind from outside. After such positioning one should be able to view what is going on inside the Mind. One of the key difference is the non-attachment, being non-judgemental. One sees one’s own Mind without bias or ego as if it is not your Mind or you are not just a Mind. One can also get clarity in terms of why something is happening this way in Mind and how to fix, correct, change to something else of choice. 

One can choose to view the other minds, or simply relish the freedom from the limited experience of self-mind, which is normally the best. Whenever one falls back to the Mind, and the trivialities of the same thoughts, becoming aware of that, one raises oneself back to the higher position beyond Mind. After some practice, Mind starts to loose the tight grip, it normally has on us. The process becomes more and more effortless and natural.

“Beyond Mind” Meditation is enlightening and can become a way of life. One can do it anytime, whenever one gets sucked by the Mind, the plight or the miseries of it. Or whenever one gets stuck-up in the past, the recurring useless thoughts like a broken record. “Beyond Mind” Meditation instantaneously brings the present awareness. But besides the very useful present awareness, it also brings the realization of the truth and the ultimate reality, which is liberating.

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Group size (individual, couple, family or group)