Befriend The Beast of Expectations...Forever

The basis of any relationship whether personal, social, professional or business, is our “expectations.” The relationship gets over soon, goes on for sometime, lingers longer or lasts forever depends on whether the expectations are met or not and to what extent they are fulfilled: none, partial or complete. Many of us desire to have long term forever friendships, partnerships and relationships which gets better over the period of time.

Know, Find, Experiment and Get Your Formula Right

Everything and everyone has a formula. Underneath anything seemingly chaotic and random there is a system. There is a definite quantification and science behind every activity, behavior, output and result. When science is known and understood it can be crystallized into a formula.

Master the Art of Journey

 Everyone must have across such common phrases as, “Life is a journey and not a destination”, “Meditation is a journey”, “Relationship is a journey”, “Spiritual journey” etc. If almost everything is a journey, then it makes sense to understand more clearly this “Journey” thing and also to learn how to “Journey” well.

Decisions, The Building Blocks of Life.

The End

Anything can end. Whatever has a beginning or in motion risks an end. Day ends in night. Spring ends in Summer which ends in Autumn and Autumn ends in Winter. Our life ends in what we dread "death." Relationships end in break-ups causing much pain. Just like anything else, End can be good or bad. In the greater schema of things it is nothing but a milestone of a long journey. Though it can alter the course of your whole life. It has the power to touch you so deeply that your rest of the life can never be same again.

Misunderstandings...How to Understand, Identify and Rectify before it is too late?

If you are not able to zero down what has created unnecessary havoc in your life, relationship or business, then you might be forgetting a dreaded word called "Misunderstanding". Misunderstanding is the chief spoiler, the dangerous terminator, bad bug or the real ugly villain of the story.

Four Kinds of People...Who are you and who should you connect to?

We all grew up reading different ways of classifying people. Different parameters have been used by different people depending on their thinking, time, background, environment, need and situations such as wealth (have or have not), race, color, personality types etc.