Change Meditation

Change is the hope and remedy when things are not working out in life. Change can make all the difference needed when we are unhappy, miserable, frustrated, defeated or hopeless. We are nothing but habits. We can form good new habits and change bad old habits through Meditation due to the heightened self-awareness, clarity, self-observance and ability to go deeper into subconscious mind during Meditation. Change could be to get rid of some bad habits such as to quit anger, smoking or adding new good habits such as Yoga or workout daily or a practice of Meditation to introspect and connecting with your real self as well as the truths and reality of nature. “Change Meditation” does the trick, removing or overcoming the blocks in our life which many a times appear as insurmountable.

“Change Meditation” is a contemplative form of Meditation. It is more sort of an “Applied Meditation”. “Change Meditation” as very obvious from the name itself, bring the necessary change in our life, whenever we want. The technique of “Change Meditation” has five steps or stages, namely Select, Seed, Source, Solve and Stick. The simple way to remember is as “5S”. Fingers of one hand can be used as the parking placeholders and to build muscle memory as easy reminders.

  • Select: Observer your life to identify one change which you are sure is a right change to make. This is the change which is going to surly effect your life positivity, no matter how small or large the effect is going to be. You might have been putting off that change because of many reasons such as procrastination, complacency, inertia, laziness, unawareness, depression or just because life goes on and nothing stops living. Though whatever the reason had been in the past, your present is going to be different and this will result in ensuring that your future will be different as well. Decide on one change to work on. If you keep your Meditation journal or write your diary etc then please do write this event with the specific change you have picked up.
  • Seed: Now meditate on this change. You can either dedicate the whole meditative time to do this or can do in addition to your regular meditation practice or can slice some time out of total meditation routine to give reasonable right time to this “Change Meditation”. Time should be sufficient to be able to visualize you implementing and living this change. Any form of Meditation as an activity or input, does produce changes, the difference here in “Change Meditation” is that we are causing or planting specific change of our choice. It is like planting a seed of specific plant and thus getting that plant subsequently by keeping the conducive conditions.
  • Source: Try to look and observe the history of the thing you are trying to change. Go to the very beginning, the genesis of the issue. See the reasons or causes of this happening at the very first place. This will help in releasing and healing from the very source. Observe the life before this issue, during and also the new life after this issue will be resolved.
  • Solve: Raise your level of consciousness and believe and look for the solutions. You will be pleasantly surprised to see not just one but many different solutions. Hopelessness will be transformed into hope and helplessness will be replaced with the right action items to do. Contemplate on different possible solutions. Pick the ones you feel more direct and making the difference right away. Apply the change.
  • Stick: Now comes the last but one of the most important part, which is to stick. One must be committed to stick till the change has become as an integral part of life. One must not quit or just move on to something else. One should be keep working on the change till it finally becomes a habit, more or less an effortless one. Challenges might come, slippages can happen, distractions can try to derail and temptations will make every attempt to defeat you. The reinforcements during the practice of Meditation will make it easier to stick and survive rather than succumbing. Once the positive results start showing up, the change will automatically settle and stabilize. It is like having a light and darkness disappearing by itself. The reward will be a happier, more fulfilled and successful life.

Doing and getting benefited by “Change Meditation”, will create a mechanism in your life to have more empowerment. Once you become honestly inwardly aware, you might see the need for many changes instead of just one. If that is the case, you are doing the drill diligently and rightly and should feel more hopeful about your life. In the case of multiple changes, write the list in your Meditation or life journal. Though as a rule, zero-down and pick only one change at a time and stick to it till that change has been internalized and successfully implemented.

“Change Meditation” is a good example of how Meditation can be directly applied as a fix, cure or therapy. Just like raw energy, no matter what the source is can be converted and applied in whatever way nature or we want, similarly Meditation can be creatively utilized in many ways and areas. You can now apply the proven magic formula or process of “Change Meditation” into attracting whatever you want in your life. You can re-shape your life as you want. You can re-create the life of your choice.

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