Decisions, The Building Blocks of Life.

Life is made of decisions.
Everything is a decision, right from waking up to sleep.
When to wake up is a decision. 
What to do after waking up is another decision.
The whole day is nothing but a series of decisions.
When to sleep is a decision.
Every single moment we are presented with choices and we have to take a decision which choice to choose.
Not taking any decision is also a decision where we leave things more or less on chance.
There are Choices:

There are very often multiple choices. When people say that they had no other choice, they are lying. The truth is that they failed to see the other choices. They were either in haste, most likely in panic and as often impatient. Or they wanted to choose the easiest way which might not be a correct one and did not want to exert themselves more for difficult choices. Common people pick safer choices whereas some pick choices with higher risk. The reward is in direct proportion to risk. To do anything with life, it is not just important but critical to really understand the phenomenon of "decision", the main ingredient of what this precious life is made of.

What is a decision?

Decision is an act of choosing your choice.
Decision is the finalization of your pick of option.
Whereas there might be one or more choices presented to us and in turn we are having more choices available to us, decision is the final end of the phase of choices evaluation.
We can change our decision. Though that means in reality that we never took the real firm decision and still were contemplating the various options and in actuality confused and not clear minded. The real decision is when we don't change it anymore and accept the responsibility of the consequences.

Types of Decisions:

Decision is deciding on a choice, so to understand its types we have to first look the type of choices. 

Choices are of following types:
  1. Best choice
  2. Good choice not the best one 
  3. Bad choice not the worst one 
  4. Worst choice

The spectrum of choice has a "turning" point, where the transition happens from one zone to another, either good zone to bad one or vice-versa. The best and worst choices are the best case scenario and the worst case scenario. The art of decision making is able to see the ends of best and worst case scenarios as well as the position of turning point where the polarity changes.

Best case scenario might involve the maximum risk which might mean the most stress for people not very comfortable with risk.
Anything in between the two extreme depends on how much risk is involved.
One good strategy will be to optimize the risk where the result still meets or exceeds the expectation and the taken risk is not impractical and stupid enough to fall below the "turning point" into the bad zone. There can always be the possibility of ending up having the not desired results due to external macro situations, dependency on other people or just accidents. Though here we are focusing on the factors which are in our hands and not those where we do not have any influence. 

Based on the types of choices, there decision types are:
  1. Correct best decision
  2. Right decisions but not the best one
  3. Wrong decisions but not the worst one
  4. Incorrect worst decision

To make things simple there are actually only two real types of decisions, "Right" or "Wrong" or in other words, "Correct" or "Incorrect" or depending on the effect on life, "Good" or "Bad."

Generally many a times we reach the end of the road, where the choices are to turn left or right which means either to say "yes" or "no".
The decision is the main "cause" of everything what is manifested in life.
Sometimes we know right away that the decision is right because the effect is right, sometimes we need to wait to determine whether the decision was right or wrong. Best is to periodically check weather your life is moving in the right direction where you want it to go or not.
Applying The Knowledge:
Good decisions make us do better in life and take us in the direction of success and happiness.
Bad decisions make us suffer, repent and regret.
Every bad choice make us move towards doing bad, failure and pain.

For example bad choices of eating unhealthy food and excess quantity fattens our body and make us eventually sick. 

Procrastination, postponing to do action items for future means deferring life and pretty much making the wrong decisions well covered by believable one excuse or another. 
Interestingly almost all of us or at least most of us already know what are the right choices.
Which means each one of us has already know the secrets of creating a good, successful and happy life.
Then why don't we all make good correct decisions of picking positive right choices?
Strangely and surprising despite of having knowledge we do not always pick right choices.

Here if "information" is the "body", then "awareness" is the "heart", "mindfulness" is the "mind" and most importantly "inspiration" is the "soul".

The metaphysical fundamental difference between mind and heart is whereas mind is logical, the heart is driven by the feelings.
As body has no meaningful existence without heart, mind and soul.
There can not be any joy or creativity without a happy singing heart.
Nothing can be accomplished without a functional productive mind. 
Inspiration or motivation is the glue of connecting all three of mind, heart and body together.
Mind, heart, body & soul all four coming together is really something, where miracles happen and everything is possible.

The key lies in being aware, mindful, feeling inspired, getting motivated and really charged to take the right correct good decisions. Information and inspiration are the two main ingredients.

Information is easy to procure in the information age we live in where every possible piece of information is at our finger-tips. We need to somehow ignite the inspiration.
How to feel inspired?
How do we get motivated?

Just like choices are many ways and we can choose the ways in accordance of our likings, personality and situations. Inspiring by having a role model is one way. The role model can be a real alive person you can look upto, or a non-living historical figure such as Mahatma Gandhi, Beethoven or Mozart, Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison. Another way is reading,literature, books and particular characters. Pure pious true love is one sure proven way. Though there is a challenge of dependency on other person. At least it rises us from our own ego and expand ourselves thinking of and caring of other person's point of views, thoughts, feelings, desires, expectations and needs. Nothing like expansion into the love for whole humanity.