Laughing Meditation

Laughter is fun. Laughter is divine. Laughter is healthy. Laughter crosses borders of Nations. Laughter is a Universal Language. Laughter transcendent beyond cultures. Laughter is timeless. Laughter is natural. Laughter is available to everyone. Laughter is also a form of Meditation. The reason to call laughter a Meditation is because the state of laughter has many characteristics same as of the state of Meditation. The major similarities are:

  • When we laugh we are in present, same should happen when we meditate.
  • When we laugh we do not have too many thoughts in mind. Our mind becomes more clear, same happens in Meditation.
  • When we laugh, our energy shifts. The energy changes towards positivity making us feel good. Same transition of energy happens in Meditation. Laughter is a powerful dynamic energy that opens sub-conscious mind and releases pent-up feelings & emotions, just like Meditation.
  • Laughter causes the body to release hormones and neuro-peptides related to the positive feelings of happiness, warmth, unconditional love, bonding, tolerance, forgiveness, generosity and compassion, the same effects manifested by Meditation.

Laughing Meditation can be done standing, walking as well as sitting. Depending on the mood, situation, and participants, a right decision can be made. Laughing Meditation can be practiced alone or in the group. In the group, it is more effective because laughter is contagious. Below are the instructions for group sitting Laughing Meditation. The same can be applied with little tweaking for solo Meditation.

Instructions for Group Sitting Laughing Meditation:

  • Sit comfortably in an inward facing circle so everyone can see each other, not too spread out.
  • Nobody should  talk or try to communicate with others. No eye messages, funny faces, words and funny sounds, as this will engage the conscious mind - the conscious mind must be disengaged.
  • Sit in silence with eyes closed, keeping an awareness on breathing. After silence, open your eyes and sit in a relaxed position.
  • Initiate by simulating laughter in a slow and gradual manner, a gradient laughter. Soon one person begins genuine laughter and others follow. If not, alternate periods of quiet with Pranayama exercises to stimulate the diaphragm until “Natural Laughter” begins to break out, at which time you can lie down if you want and let the Laughter flow.
  • It is not unusual for people to undergo strong cathartic moments during Laughing Meditation. This is positive as they release powerful emotions and emotional problems that may have been pent up for many years. Laughter may be interspersed with tears and even anger, as emotions surface, and are released in wonderful non-violent catharsis. Should this occur, allow it – do not comfort that person.
  • Gently come out of Meditation back to silence, with a focus on breathing.
  • Laughter might continue to bubble up though take steps to settle and end with some reasonable relaxation period.

Laughing Meditation is an interesting form of Meditation. It is easy to practice as everyone can relate to laughter. It is quite powerful because of the involvement of physiology and body along with mind. Laughing Meditation technique adds good variety and fun to your existing routine. One will be pleasantly surprised what adding something so light as laughter, can bring such a big difference in how you feel afterwords. Laughing Meditation is also excellent for children and young people who are new to Meditation. This also breaks the pre-conceived notions they can have such as Meditation is something very serious or boring and can not be much fun. The profound experience of Laughing Meditation has the potential to change any-one's life forever.

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