Romantic Love

Love is an interesting topic. It raises some fundamental questions of it’s relevance, changes in form and shape if any with time, culture, places and people.
Whether Love is static, or it changes with time?
Does Love always remain same or does it evolve? 
What Love really is?
How is it to be in Love?
What Love does to you?
Does it make any difference by having or not having love in your life?

Is it much fun to live without love?
The answer for most of us is “No.”
Given a choice will you prefer to have love in your life?
Answer of most of us will be “Yes”.
So you want love in life...huh...

First decide whether to have something called “Love” in your life or not.
If you think it is not of any importance, it does not create any difference in your life and you are perfectly okay to live your life without it...then the pursuit and desire of romantic love is not for you...may be you love other things much more than form of love. In other words, you are either not made to or made for romantic love, or you are either not open or available for love. May be not in your current state of heart, mind, life, experience and thinking.
If you really want, need, value, desire and are desperate for love, then you qualify to move to the second stage.

Second stage is answering: Is Love optional, good to have, very important or absolutely must?
Romantic love is the simplest, as the object is very clearly defined. If someone choose to play games even here, behave manipulative and not act in accordance of code and laws of love then that deceptive person is incapable of not only romantic love but also any other form of love. It is important to understand what is Love? How you define it? And what are it’s types?

What is Love?
Definition of Love can be very broad to the extent of “Universal Love” being the true expansion and growth of human life. To remain focused, we only concentrate on one type of love here, which is “Romantic Love”. Romantic Love is the love for one individual with whom you want to spend time with, talk to, share your life and live together. This is one person with whom you want to be with by choice, preference and liking and not by any external pressure, society, ulterior motives or situation, just because we do not have anyone else to be with. If we are away from that person, then we miss that particular individual, we remember him or her and despite of being with other individuals, we feel something really missing. That feeling of void is gone when we come back in the company of that particular loved one, where we feel wholesome, happy, alive, inspired and complete.

How is “Love” related to or has anything to do with “Meditation”?
One of the goals of Meditation is to enable us to move towards “Fulfilment”. Attainment of “Permanent Fulfilment” is an accomplishment and the success of meditation practise. One of the criteria for your fulfilment could be “Love”. And if that is your design you are made of and your fulfilment depends on, then you must need to identify and acknowledge this essential important ingredient. So go for searching, identifying and embracing Love. Once you get it, taste it and relish it, then you can expand it to higher levels of consciousness and being. It might be perplexing to see someone having a real passion of universal love when that person can not even love one fellow being.

Types of Love:
There can be different types of love but the very fundamentals or characteristics of the entity “Love” must be same. One of the most popular theory of love is the “Triangular Theory of Love,” which states three levels: passion, intimacy and commitment. In meditation language, Love can be effectively defined of three types: Body, Mind & Spirit.

Body Love:
Body Love is physical love. Body love is the first level which is more or less need based. Everyone indulges and experiences this type. Here the most dominant level is physical looks, though the biggest risk is that people can indulge in the physical acts even without love. So it can be a sampling but not the whole thing, as well as it might not be the true form of love.

Mind Love:
Mind Love is Mental love. It is higher than the body love because not just the bodies but minds get involved. Here we admire and respect the person’s qualities, work and personality. This type of love is more rational where people see, match and evaluate intellect, social background, education, mannerism, culture, acceptability from friends, family and sometimes income-level etc.

Soul-Love is Spiritual love. This is even higher than the mind love because here we raise beyond conscious level to the zone of super-consciousness. This transcends beyond factors such as age, culture, race, physique etc. Here the partner is whom we call soul-mate. This builds the lasting love originating from heart, engaging mind and permeating the soul. This has the capacity and quality to last forever even if any one of the individual cross-over.

Soul-Love is the ultimate of romantic love.
It inspires us.
It changes us.
It makes us create, build, paint, write and sing.
It purifies us.
It is divine.
It transforms us to be into divine beings.
It uplifts us.
It raises us to touch heavens.
It makes us feel the power of this great pure powerful ultimate energy called “Love.”

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