Mending Meditation

If something is broken, one should fix it as soon as possible, if it means something or is of any value. Because as time passes, one might loose the broken pieces. Sometimes those pieces are lost forever, which means now one just can’t have the same thing whole again. Though if one has a constructive, creative mind-set and still will to do something with the broken thing, one can still make something out of it with the remaining pieces. Else leaving it as it is, abandoning it or doing nothing is a sure way to loose that permanently. Nature takes over to take its course to decay and ultimately end that thing, merging it back into basic elements.

Here even though taking the analogy of physical thing, we are obviously not talking about material stuff. That stuff is easy to procure or replace. Here we are talking about relationships, friendships and love. Ultimately underneath any transaction, whether personal, social, professional or business, there are people. Anything to do with these other people around us is “relationship”. Our life is affected by the quality, quantity, nature, intensity and involvement of these relationships. Improving them can make us more happy, successful, and fulfilled. The pain of loss of some relationship, we can feel everyday, right from the moment we wake up till we go to sleep. Relationships are the most important entities besides our “Self”. And the loss of some relationships are more significant as they might not be replaceable. You can not buy love, neither true friendship, nor a loyal employee.

It you are the one who is blamed or are being hold responsible for the damage of relationship, then it becomes more of your responsibility to mend. Mending is challenging. Fixing is difficult.

Can Meditation be of help in mending?
Sure it can. The next questions which immediately crash into the doors of our mind, are “Why?” and “How?”. Let’s answer and address them before moving forward.

Why and how does Meditation work?
Generally there is always a cause of dispute. Identification of reason will be solving half the problem. If we never get to know the real reason, we will never be able to mend or fix anything. Many a times we could be at fault, or a flaw could be in us, rather than outside or in the other person. This makes the process of finding the reason of breakage more complex, because our ego can come in the way of any admittance. If we do not realize the problem and the exact cause of it, then it will be highly unlikely that we will do anything to change, fix or mend. So most likely the cause will remain there, which means a hopeless failed situation.

Most of time we are in our normal conscious state, which means ego state. Therefore, there is a very less possibility of a different thinking and behavior. During meditation, we go beyond the normal conscious usual state of being to the meditative state, where we are free from the boundations of ego. Here in this state, we can be more unbiased. We can be completely honest. During the Meditation, our eyes are closed, and rather than looking externally, we see our own Self and observe our own behavior through the symbolic inner third eye. We can listen to the higher true Self. This heightened self awareness, the undisturbed focus on Self, brings clarity to see things as they are. There is no layer of ego anymore to hide anything. There is no conscious mind to cook a nice believable story full of excuses and justifications to cover the reality or truth.

Once you see what happened clearly and as you already know the consequences, it is easy to co-relate the two. Now we can put the pieces of jigsaw puzzle together, relating the actual causes to the effects. In mending meditation we silently witness the events and observe impartially. We also take a snap-shot and do not clobber the event being contemplated with the other happenings unrelated to the event in the past. We make sure that we isolate the incident which resulted in the final fall-out. The conclusion of clear actual cause, creates the possibilities of real relevant change. This change is free from any ambiguity. It is like having a full diagnosis and knowing exactly what is wrong as well as knowing confidently the specific medicine which has a proven history of fixing similar ailments. Applying the identified change, causes a permanent shift in life, many a times 180 degrees. After mending internally, then it will be the right time to go out and work on broken external relationships, because now they have much higher probabilities to work, sustain and succeed.

Suggestion is to practice the “Mending Meditation” at least once every month, preferably near the end of the month. It is better to do it on a weekly basis if someone is having a lot of issues. “Mending Meditation” is a contemplative kind of Meditation. No matter how we categorize it, it is a very special “value” Meditation. It not only just creates a conducive mental environment and energy to fix something, it actually directly works on the actual problem area to manifest the desired change, which is the exact solution for the very source of the deep-rooted problem.

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