Meditation and Mental Health

Meditation and Mind are connected to each other. Mind is related to Mental illness, which means that Meditation does have something to do with mental health. There is an unfailing relationship between Meditation and mental health. Meditation works. Though there is a need to quantify the effect through more scientific research.

Mental illness is a reality. Just like our body can get sick, the thinking can get corrupted, the life could be on the wrong path, the mind can also fall ill. Meditation certainly helps. But Meditation might not be alone enough. It might take too long to naturally heal. Time is of essence here, because a little delay might mean loosing the love, a quality relationship, a good friendship or an enterprise forever. The destructive behavior and rash bad decisions could have a life long damage for self and for other people around. So best is to seek and get the professional help at the earliest. Because all the other self-help and holistic stuff can still be applied all along without any conflicts.

People with mental ailments do look around and discover Meditation. Meditation is relaxing and they do find it comforting, at least during the time of practice. Though their rest of life really change? Does Meditation have the power to change the life permanently or at least for long term? The answer is that Meditation is also a way of life just like regular exercise is a way of life for body and brushing teeth every day is the way of life for personal hygiene. Doing, and practicing Meditation regularly is the key. Then comes which one, how well and how much. The challenge for those struggling with Mind could not be to be able to sit long enough to meditate and sustain the practice regularly.

People either cover or they do not know that they are having mental illness. These people are mentally sick and not mentally retarded. So on the physical appearance and also during initial interactions it is very difficult to spot out the real condition, especially by someone who is not professionally trained for such deductions. If someone is struggling long time in personal life, unable to hold any relationships, has too many short term relationships, displays very inconsistent behavior, shaky unstable mind, not sticking to anything, speaks lies, gets irrationally fearful, keep running away, evades, blocks normal communication, these could be very strong signs of mental sickness. Though once isolated, no matter how long it takes, then it will not make sense to ignore the issues and the tough reality.

Many of the bizarre behaviors are just symptoms. And the real cause of everything could be, mental illness. One could be really mentally ill? Hard to think in the beginning, but be a truth. The situation can remain the same or rather deteriorate, which usually happens in case of any untreated disease. Mental illness is real. Nobody usually does anything. People can even take advantage. The subject does not seek any help in this area. If told about being mentally ill, the person gets offended, shuns, and cuts-off all communication. Nobody likes to be called mad. Everyone thinks they are all-right. The problems lie outside, with everyone else. There is hardly anyone who has enough motivation to really make any major efforts to get the sufferer the much needed professional help. If you happen to come across someone, then please do your due diligence of using your tact and influence to somehow get that person to the professional help. It will make the positive difference in that person’s life and through that life, many other lives effected through that life.

Fighting a mental illness for the self or any loved one could be one of the biggest challenge anybody can face. This fight becomes one of the toughest because the enemy is invisible here. The Mind gets a lot of blame, but Mind is also a victim here. Meditation can be a true ally in the phase of mental sickness, especially when the effected person has abandoned the real well-wishers. In the current complicated living, almost everyone faces mental challenges from time to time. Depending on the severity of the condition, one can take a collaborative approach of modern Science and medication as well as proven though yet not so mathematically measured practices such as Meditation. This also points out how much medical research is needed in the field of Meditation.

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