Inner Smile Meditation

"Once you have known what inner smile is, you can remain happy for twenty-four hours a day." ~ Osho

Inner Smile Meditation is an excellent mind training technique which can allow us to feel the natural child-like joy and genuine happiness. "Inner Smile" is one of the most well-known of Taoist Inner Alchemy (Neidan) practices, in which we smile inwardly to each of the major organs of our body, activating within us the energy of loving-kindness, and waking up the Five-Element associational network. The practice allows us to direct the happiness and the healing energy of a smile into any part of our body.


  • Relax the Body:
    • Posture: Sit comfortably with your spine upright.
    • Breathing: Take few deep breaths, and with each exhalation release any unnecessary tension, especially in the head, neck and shoulders.
    • Body scan: Close eyes and go inside the body, whether you are carrying some tension somewhere - in jaws, at the neck, in the head, around the lower back. Scan from the toe to the head searching for any place where there is a tension. Relax it consciously. Go to that part of the body, and persuade that part by commanding lovingly "Relax!" You will be pleasantly surprised that if you approach any part of your body, it listens and it follows you if you know or learn the right way.
    • Face: Relax your face. Relax the lower jaw and let your mouth open just slightly, teeth slightly separated. If needed breathe from the mouth.
    • Tongue: Rest the tip of your tongue gently on the roof of your mouth, somewhere behind, and close to, your upper front teeth. You'll find the spot that feels perfect.
  • Relax the Mind:
    • Pre-requisite: If your body is tense, don't start with the mind. Wait and keep working on the body, till all the tensed parts are relaxed. To make that happen if needed have further dialogue with your body such as, “You can relax. There is no need to fear and carry tension unnecessarily.” 
    • Breath awareness: Take a couple of deeper, slower breaths, noticing how your abdomen rises with each inhalation.
    • Be in the moment: Let go of thoughts of past or future. You will realize that the present moment is the only truth and the reality. All that exists is this very moment. One can make this moment a hell by tension or a heaven by  relaxation. Hell is when you are all tense, and heaven is when you are all relaxed. Total relaxation is the ultimate paradise.
    • Smile: Smile gently at the physical body level which is the top level and simply relax. Tell the mind to relax. Just like your body, your mind will also listen to you.
  • Relax the Inner:
    • When the mind is relaxed, then start relaxing your inner self, call it spirit, soul, or your heart. This is the world of your feelings, emotions, beliefs, and perceptions which is even more complex and subtle.
  • Inner Smile:
    • Start feeling a smile, not on your face but all over your being.
    • Return your attention to your lips, to the corners of your mouth and notice their neutral, relaxed state. Now, ever so slightly, raise the corners of the mouth until you feel the 'inner smile', a distinct shift in energy, a warm sense of well-being. Keep the mindful uplifting of the corners of your mouth which might be imperceptible by any outside observer.
    • No need to smile with your lips on your face but just as if you are smiling from the belly, the belly is smiling.
    • Feel the whole body smiling such as your eyes becoming "smiling eyes”.
    • You can energize all the internal organs inside the body with the healing smile-energy. You can direct your inner gaze, with its smile-energy, into your navel center, feeling warmth, brightness, and bliss gathering now in your lower belly.
    • Infused the good feeling inside with the energy of loving-kindness and compassion.
    • Keep doing this till the moment of being total relaxed to the innermost core level. That is the moment of bliss, realization, super-consciousness, and enlightenment.
  • Come out Smoothly:
    • Release the tip of your tongue from the roof of your mouth.
    • Release the smile or keep it if it now feels persistent, effortless and natural.

The “Inner Smile Meditation” is very simple and pleasant yet a very deep and profound practice. It makes one realize the wholeness of the entire being and the connectivity between things. Smile is not just limited to lips or face, it can transcend beyond that superficial level. Write the word “smile” where you can see it as soon as you get up in the morning. Reading the word “smile” will bring the smile at the very start of the day. Club it with deep breaths to make it radiate into an “inner smile”. After internalizing the technique of “Inner Smile Meditation”, you can apply it in any part of your working day dealing positively and constructively the various states of the emotions. Cultivate continuous relaxation, bliss, and healing with the joyous “Inner Smile Meditation”.

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