Meditation changes the life in a profoundly positive way. The main benefits are:

  1. Mind:
    1. Reduces and cures depression, anxiety and headaches
    2. Improved concentration
    3. Self Control
    4. More confidence
    5. Efficiency
    6. Enhanced powers of memory
  2. Body:
    1. Healthier Body
    2. Increase in Alpha brain waves
    3. Increase in the skin's electrical resistance.
    4. Strengthening of the body's immune system
    5. Slowing of biologic aging processes
    6. Refinement and enlivening of the nervous system
    7. Significant decrease in heart rate
    8. Reduction in metabolic rate and blood pressure
    9. Sharp decrease in the amount of lactic acid in the blood
    10. Oxygen consumption decreases drastically along with carbon-dioxide elimination
    11. Less chronic pain
    12. Better sleep
    13. Integrated relaxation response or hypo-metabolic state due to inactivation of sympathetic division of the automatic nervous system. The response is the exact opposite of the fight-or-flight response, which is a hyperactive state causing stress.
    14. Weight loss: One of the most common and major cause of weight gain is “Emotional Eating”. Emotional eating is basically turning to food to relieve stress, anxiety, anger, boredom or other unpleasant feelings. This is also the most common obstacle in losing weight. How meditation helps in weight loss? Meditation relieves stress, a common trigger for emotional eaters. Meditating also enhances your body awareness, making it easier for you to differentiate between real, physical hunger and cravings that arise from emotions. Meditation is a valuable tool that keeps you on track if your weight gain challenge is emotional eating.
  3. Soul:
    1. Enlightenment: Freedom from every constraint imaginable.
    2. Alleviation to higher level of consciousness / Peace of mind / Fulfillment
    3. Self-Discovery/Self-Realization/Self-Actualization:
      1. Who am I?
        1. If you put this command in computer, computer gives you the user-id. Similarly generally we identify ourselves with our name, professional, nationality etc.
        2. Is our name our true SELF?
          Our name is given by our parents, relatives or anyone who happened to pick the name of their liking. If our name would have been different than what it is now, would we be a different person? So the answer is that our name, profession or Nationality etc are not even the tip of the iceberg of the true SELF.
          Knowing your true SELF is knowing: How can you reach anywhere without knowing where you are, where you want to go and how to go from where you are to where you have to go? Similarly in life to reach the right destinations it is essential to first know your inner self, your strengths, weaknesses, likings, disliking, interests, passions, skills, gifts and whatever is there to know. Then the next step is to find the higher purpose, life objectives and mission. And finally chalking out the life plan in broken down clear actionable steps or action items to do to accomplish the purpose, objectives and the ultimate mission.
          • yourself in and out (self-knowledge);
          • knowing your purpose of life; and
          • ability to visualize the path of that life-journey which lets you accomplish the higher goal of your valuable existence.
        3. Complete SELF v/s partial SELF
      2. How self-discovery happens through meditation?
        The meditation is the time you truly give to yourself. To have the self discovery, the first essential thing required is to give it some time. Just like we can not finish any task or work without giving certain time, attention and skills, why should we expect that we can attain self-realization with some instantaneous divine intervention? Meditation does all the 3 things together for us:
        1. We are giving time to ourselves as we are sitting in meditation for a certain time period everyday.
        2. Our attention is SELF and not any outwardly thing or topic.
        3. By the technique our skills are developing to experience the insights, clarifying the confusions and witnessing the pure truth.