The meaning of clear-headedness from various dictionaries is:
1) Having or showing a clear understanding or perceptive
2) Able to think clearly and act appropriately
3) Quality or state of not being confused in mind or not subject to misinterpretation of fact.
The actual meaning of clear-headedness or clear-mindedness is more profound and actually equivalent to modern day Nirvana, Moksha or enlightenment. Clear-mindedness is what we need and it should be our ultimate life goal. Attaining clear-mindedness really set us completely truly free…from confusions, doubts and sorrows. Clear-mindedness is like a light which dispels the darkness and eliminates any ambiguities we might have.

Prince Gautama Buddha deeply moved and affected by the sights of old age, illness, and death sought to overcome these sufferings through extreme asceticism such as fasting, holding the breath, and exposure of the body to pain...he found, however, that these ascetic practices were counterproductive as they were based on self-hatred. He gave them up and meditated for 49 days attaining “bodhi”, also known as "Awakening" or "Enlightenment" at the age of 35. After his attainment of bodhi he was known as Buddha and spent the rest of his life teaching his insights which are called Dharma. To me what he accomplished was the clear-mindedness, seeing the truth as it is beyond any doubts.

Behind every action there is a thought. Every action has a result…positive, negative or neutral. Thought originates in mind and first it gets filtered and selected to be entertained further or not. Clear-headed mind is able to clearly see the importance, value and scope of a particular thought and in case of successful filtering and selection further knows exactly how it needs to be executed and what is the end result.

Below is the 3-step model to use the concept of “clear-mindedness” in our life:

Step I: Defining Outcomes: Having clarity in what you really truly want, why and when? The unclear mind has too many random thoughts and it does not have a specific starting and finishing point as well as execution is full of ambiguities. Generally we hardly have much patience which throws us into activities hoping that we will get the desired dream, whereas many a times we are not even sure of the out-come we want. So the very first thing is to just have a time-out from your busy hectic schedule to figure out what are your actual goals, desires and dreams. These goals need to come right from your heart, what you are passionate about and makes you happy rather than unnecessarily running the rat race chasing just material objects which make you accepted and successful in other people’s eyes.

Meditation provides tremendous help in calming our turbulent ambiguous mind to really bring the focus and clarity on the right Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Tangible (SMART) goals.

Step II: Executing Action Plan: The best, easiest & shortest way to accomplish anything is to first analyze all different possibilities. Most of time we are not able to accomplish our clear goal is because of not having a turn-by-turn path to reach our destination or not having a broken down steps to move forward.

Step III: Review Progress and Improvise:

On practical day-to-day life clear-headedness let us see:

1) What to do?
2) How to do it? and
3) When to stop? Whether at the completion or some sub-steps from where you can resume towards completion.

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