Break Free from "Superstitions"

What is a superstition?
Superstition is anything which has been told to do else something bad will happen. 
The anticipation of bad happening creates fear in us.
And that fear drives our lives in making us do some stupid remedy, changing the path we were originally on and feeling low overall.

Belief in superstitions does some little damage right then and there as whatever we do to avoid misfortune costs us some time, an opportunity can be missed and the energy and efforts which got wasted could be utilized for something for positive and constructive.

Are superstitions good or bad?
Bad. They are Dis-empowering. They take your power away. You do what your superstition programs you rather than what you should be doing or you want to do.

Why do superstitions exist?
We take into account superstitions to avoid mishaps. We want to learn from others' mistakes. If there is a consistent pattern in unfortunate incidents related to some relevant causal factor, then having a knowledge of it makes us follow the best recommended practices. But here comes the twist, these recommended practices are just age old thing without any scientific logical basis.

What to do with Superstitions?
- Be mindful: As soon as a superstition is hitting you, that means that you are being in past. You are trying to run your life looking back in the past. This is as fatal as deciding to do your taxes manually after having all these cool online user-friendly softwares which makes the whole ordeal a simple breeze. So thoughts of superstitions are a good reminder to be mindful, to be more aware and conscious about being in present and taking the right decisions which will result in a better future. Meditation is the best way to enhance mindfulness accumulatively by continuous regular practice.

- Become free: Make every attempt to not do what we have been told to do in case of occurrences of certain events triggering the past programmed response. We need to take these opportunities to build courage, self confidence and becoming free from the shadows of fears permanently forever.

Poem: Superstitions...

Superstition, you are really super.
Superior than logic.
Bigger than truth.
Higher than intelligence.
Superseding common sense.

Superstition, you are not a friend.
You make me fearful.
You waste my time.
You make me do something.
Which I do not wish to do. 

Will I ever be break free?
Chained in shackles which are getting heavier with time.
I have to confront superstitions.
I have to think straight.
If I see the truth, these superstitions finally melt away!

- Think and write your main superstitions. 
- Then as a next step put them in the order of priority, with the top one having the most influence on your life. 
- Share with the group and also tell if you think your superstition is right? Do you want to change your response? Will your response will change in future?

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Group size (individual, couple, family or group)