Four Kinds of People...Who are you and who should you connect to?

We all grew up reading different ways of classifying people. Different parameters have been used by different people depending on their thinking, time, background, environment, need and situations such as wealth (have or have not), race, color, personality types etc.

In the modern current World if we are fortunate to live among diversity than we might find it difficult to really put people around us in a right bucket as old paradigms might sound irrelevant or even illegal now. Distinguishing people help us in having more sense in terms of understanding them, their thinking and behavior, culture and able to treat them well. Categorization helps in relationships in personal life, building and managing business contacts in professional life and living a successful social life. While building and maintaining good relationships is one the key to happiness, it is one of the hardest thing to do, breaking them is the easiest and stupidest thing to do.

Here is one way of classification which might equip you with a badly needed basic necessity tool to do well in your life.
There are 4 kinds of people: Smarter or Dumber and Positive or Negative. The classification is based on "How someone is?" and "What that person does with what he or she has?". In one word, the parameter can be summed up as "being". In one sentence, "How someone is and what is the effect of interfacing with that person?". There can be 2 other categories of "Almost Equal" in terms of IQ or "Neutral" in terms of involvement. To simplify "Almost equal" can be put in the "Smarter" category and Neutral are those people who are unrelated to you and make no difference either positively and negatively in your lives and hence a wastage of your time, efforts and energies to bother with.

We can make four easy quadrants to put any person:
1) Positive Smarter People (PSP)
2) Negative Smarter People (NSP)
3) Positive Dumber People (PDP)
4) Negative Dumber People (NDP)

After breaking down lets go deeper each category, the affect on you and what intelligence you can drive out of the analysis.

1) Positive Smarter People: These are the people more intelligent, sharper, faster and smarter than you are. You should be able to sense or feel it or it can be easily proven by an overall IQ test. That does not mean they are more successful, happier or richer, though that could very well be the case, it just mean that, how they are in reality and factually.

They can affect your life positively. They are positive minded, so if they get involve in your life and dealings you are going to be surely benefited. Their affect will depend whether there is any real action between you and them and not just mere presence.

So to do better you should make an attempt to team up with them and try to work with them. You should keep these people for ever. They are the real asset and you are richer having them in your life.

2) Negative Smarter People: These are the people again smarter than you but their effect is negative. They are most likely negative minded and their intentions are not very good towards you.

Their affect will be negative on your life. They are driven by their own selfish goals such as making the most money out of you, exploit or cheat you to the maximum possible. They know they can do it as they clearly and cleverly gage you having less knowledge, information and smartness. They are many a times too sweet, very well-behaved and pretends to be working in your favor projecting themselves as your true friend and well-wisher.

Once you know their type and true nature, the best is dissociate yourself from them. One must completely abandon and shut them as they are sure to bring harm whether it is your personal life, business or professional life. Because there is a deception and misrepresentation involved sometimes you might not identify right away though you must get better in this art of classifying, so the earlier you cut them off, the better for you.

3) Positive Dumber People: These people are less smarter than you but are positive by nature. They are most likely modestly successful because they generally do not take much risk. They get many a times easily frightened. They remain weak failing to use and believe in whatever their inner resources and talents are. They are not the smartest, sharpest or brightest though they have good heart and sufficient brain to execute tasks well with integrity and hard work.

Their effect is mostly positively. Though the affect is milder and hence less fruitful and less intense as compared to the results you get with people in the category of "Positive Smarter People".

This is the second preferred category of people to have relationships with after the ideal category of "Positive Smarter People". If you are truly a real smart person than you will find more people in this category as compared to the "Positive Smarter People" category.

4) Negative Dumber People: They are the people not only less smarter than you but also on top of it negative. Many a times they are ignorant, lazy and less informed. They do not know what they are doing and what will be the consequences on the other person involved.

Their affect is negative. It can range from mildly negative as compared to "Smarter Negative People" to really fatal just because they are stupid also.

They more or less are liabilities. You should get rid of them as early as you can. If getting completely rid of is not possible than at least stay as much away as possible. The association will hardly take you anywhere and will hinder you in your own growth, progress and journey.

Below is a working model based of the classification. Model is a systematic approach with clear actionable steps. Here is how to apply the model successfully:

Step I: Honestly analyze the person you have anything to do with.
Step II: Make a decision of their category. Here sometimes you can not be always right though as you use this classification and model more and more you will surely become much better just like anything else.
Step III: If there is a confusion in terms of right category then focus on some specific real scenarios, incidents and interactions you had with other person. Actions speak louder than words. So if you are missing the real data then induce test scenarios consciously rather than just taking the face value of words.
Step IV: Act appropriately after clear classification. if you can not act right away then make a strategy to move in the right direction to achieve the right goal. Modify your behavior, interfacing tactfully without confrontation so that there is least damage, stress and time wastage.

The good part of this model is that it is ageless, timeless, practical, simple, the most fundamental and permanent. Learn, understand, internalize and apply the knowledge, classification and model to take care of your precious life in current modern complicated World where interfacing with others is inevitable.