Relationship as a Science (RaaS)

Some relationships work and some do not. Some appear to work on the surface but not truly under that covering surface. Some get better and stronger and others deteriorates rotting to death. When some work that means that this is something which can work only if one knows the secrets. There are definite reasons why some relationships work while others not. Is there any science behind relationships? If so then, the job of science is to experiment, observe, analyse, deduce and make things crystal clear for everyone. Some of the core fundamentals of Relationship as a Science (RaaS) are Team, Love, Trust, Loyalty and Stickiness. So basically it is all about just two Ls, two Ts and one S.

Team: Relationship is made of two persons. They should match physically, mentally, intellectually, morally and soulfully. They can have differences and it might be more effective to have the complementary skills to make the team more whole. If the selection of the counterpart itself is wrong then it is identical to plan to build the house without a land. Just like the house needs a wish-list and then a blue-print according to needs and wants, similarly one should have the specifications about the counterpart and an action-plan to find the dream-mate.

Love: Real true relationships must have an essential material of love. Loveship is the best, the highest and the most desired form of relationship. Two people should be in love with each other to be and remain together. Love is the base "foundation" for any structure to take any shape and able to hold ground. The strength of the home of relationship depends on the strength and depth of love. If love is weak that means the very basic foundation is weak and the home will not be able to sustain the storms of life and most likely will collapse after few blows.

Trust: Every action and gesture either builds the trust or breaks the trust and is like bricks which build the walls of the house of relationship, one brick at a time. If trust if broken, everything is broken. Sometimes it can be repaired and restored. Though if it is broken again and again then it might be frustrating to repair the same damages repeatedly. Plus the broken part becomes weaker every time it is fixed. If one partner has trust issues which are not addressed by other partner then it is like a open leaking faucet and it is a matter a time when everything will be drowned and washed away.

Loyalty: Loyalty is the roof of the house of relationship. Relationship has duties just like it has rights. Being loyal is the main essential key important duty. If one partner is checking prospects on dating and social networking sites and going out to meet them, or hiding phone calls, texts and emails then that relationship is over. That means the relationship has some inadequacies. It is like someone is in the current job just because that person is not able to find the better job and will jump as soon as the better opportunity shows up. Loyalty must be willful and has to come from the heart. This is one of those things which can neither be imposed nor bought. There is no grey area here. Either someone is loyal or someone is not loyal. Relationship with a disloyal partner is like trying to build the house on a landmine, it is going to blast the house very soon.

Stickiness: If love is the foundation, trust the walls and loyalty the roof, then stickiness is the glue holding all of them together. Relationship requires work. Relationships are not for weak and lazy. If one is not having the patience and commitment to stick, then no matter whatever anyone builds is not going to last and is like a stack of cards. The two individuals should equally want their two-ship badly. Their team must be one unit, which we call the family. Both must equally protect, nurture and enhance the partnership. If only one person is trying to save it and another always quitting or running away, then it is a lost cause.

Knowing the secrets itself will not be suffice as one has to apply them in action on daily consistent basis. Saying something and doing something else will not work. It is like practice of meditation, knowing about it and may be trying it, is not enough. One must practice meditation or any good habits regularly and consistently to get the everlasting benefits.

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