“Reikitation” Technique

Current complex living where our minds are overwhelmed, practicing one modality might not be enough to release the stress and bring the much needed optimization in our lives. Necessity is the mother of invention and every problem inspire a solution. Here comes “Reikitation” for rescue, which is a powerful combination of “Reiki” and “Meditation”.

What is Reiki?
“Rei” means “Universal” and “Ki” means “Living Energy” or “Life Force Energy.” Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy.” Reiki is a holistic healing system that touches on all aural, physical and emotional levels: body, mind, heart and spirit. Reiki increases body's energies and clear any energy blockages that might exist. Reiki goes to subtle energy centers “Chakras” and from there to the Endocrine system which produces hormones to keep us in good mood, health, vitality, and balance. We all have a natural self-healing system though Reiki accelerates healing, enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself faster. Once attuned and with learning the techniques along with some practice, one becomes a Reiki channel. Reiki causes deep relaxation, increases energy bringing sense of peace and well being. Reiki reduces and cures stress, pain, illness, anxiety and depression.

Reikitation: At fundamental level both Reiki and Meditation bring the same benefits. They can be easily combined as during the practice of meditation our hands are free. Instead of leaving our hands in some meditative hand posture called “mudra” such as “Gyan” (Knowledge) mudra, we transform our hands into a Reiki hand posture. Then we move from one energy point to another from the very top to bottom of the body covering all main energy points while the eyes closed and being in the meditative state.

Reikitation becomes a very powerful advanced technique as meditation makes us very receptive and open for new energy and Reiki fills us right away with the fresh positive rejuvenating healing energy. Everyone knows and it is proven that touch is therapeutic. Touch also increase the awareness further of being in present. Touching and movement from one energy point to another creates a beautiful flow in meditation. The structure of the technique holds the attention easily and there are less chances and occurrences of getting lost.

Enjoy the whole new raised level of consciousness, peace, bliss and fulfilment through Reikitation!

Price: $99.00

Group size (individual, couple, family or group)