Balance Meditation: Samam

Balanced life is a happy life. Balanced we stand, imbalanced we fall. The goal and intention of Samam Meditation is to keep us in the balanced or optimized frame of mind, free from depressions and keep the spirit in the hopeful, positive, and the inspired state. The word “Samam” is a Sanskrit word which literally means, “same” or “in-different” but the real meaning of the word is “equilibrium”, “un-effected” or “balanced”. The word in itself is a philosophy of it’s own, where it suggests not to overly effected or unnecessarily over react no matter what the situations or circumstances are.

Balance involves mainly three elements: physical, mental, and psychological, which we also simply call body, mind, and spirit. We all strive to attain the balance. If any one element is not in balance, which implies that as a whole the individual can not be in the balance. So to be in balance it is imperative to balance all the three elements. The objective of Samam Meditation is to first find out which element or elements are not in balance and then utilizing the insight to bring necessary changes to move towards the balance.

Body: Imbalance of the body is disease, putting us in an unease state. Body is maintained in balance through balanced diet, enough sufficient sleep, and physical activities such as the work-out, sports, yoga etc.

Mind: Mind is different than the brain. Brain comes in the domain of body, being a physical entity. Mind is connected with our thoughts, decisions, and actions. Mind is shaped and significantly influenced by the environment, education or in general information, and elucidation or explanation resulting in the derived interpretations, the meanings associated.

Spirit: Spirit deals with our nature. It is where our emotions are along with many a times irrational but seemingly real associations, fears, anxieties, worries, tensions, traumas, and stress. When we start our lives we start with clean state of Buddha nature which can get corrupted as we grow older with not so good experiences and impressions.

In Samam Meditation, we break down the whole Mediation time into two phases. The first phase in broken down into three parts. In each part we pay close attention to one element of us, starting first with body, then mind and finally the spirit. If any element is already in balance, say body, then we thank and congratulate ourselves. We also become mindful of the behavior which is responsible for us being in balance. We try to reinforce that behavior and simply celebrate the balanced state.

The second phase of Samam Meditation becomes quite important if we detect the imbalance. In this phase we identify the specific causes of that imbalanced manifestation. We should know ourselves the most. And anything coming out from us and our own inside is much more effective and powerful than anyone pointing something out from externally. In this phase we not only leverage the clear minded state of meditation to resolve to prevent the culprit behavior and bad habits but also decide to adopt the new corrective behavior and formation of new positive habits.

Many a times we embark on the journey of meditation thinking that adopting and practicing meditation alone will fix all the imbalance mysteriously without any other changes needed. Time of meditation is a good opportunity to deduct real culprit which could be anything, even sometimes seemingly a good thing out of balance such as an excessive work. And even though practice of meditation will help but the real fix will be to narrow-down the real problem and work on it. Just like eating more and to fix that exercising more are two wrongs. Similarly just practising more meditation to pacify more stress are two wrongs. Here issue of excessive work should rather be managed by better planning, picking and choosing only the right activities, prioritization, delegation, building better system and team. Samam Meditation is an excellent technique to really make the whole meditation practice more rewarding and leading us to the successful attainment of blissful balance.

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