Stress Meditation

Stress Meditation is really a very interesting and highly useful Meditation. Normally we use Meditation to evade or avoid stress. We like to run away from stress as far as possible most of the time. Though here in Stress Meditation we embrace stress. We accept stress. We allow it. We welcome it. We let it flow. We face it. We listen to it. We give it a reasonable time to express itself. This gives us an opportunity to understand the stress.

One insightful revelation you will have is that stress is trying to convey something to you. Stress is just a messenger and messengers should not be turned away or killed. Stress itself is not the reason of stress, there is something which is causing the stress. So stress is an effect of something and not the cause. This “something” you are most likely ignoring because that might be discomforting or unpleasant to deal with. Identification of the main cause of the stress is a good beginning to take appropriate actions to address the real issues.

To do Stress Meditation, follow the below steps:

  • If practicing in night then turn off the lights and any sounds.
  • Either sit in a meditative posture or if tired or before going to sleep, lie down in “Shavasana”.
  • Be mentally prepared to face the agony and pain at least in the beginning.
  • Set your mind completely free and let the stress flow.
  • If attention is getting distracted away from stress, bring your awareness gently back to stress.
  • Give your-self sufficient time to let stress pass-through, say around an hour.
  • After some time, you will notice clarity in your stress. This happens because turbulent mind with too many thoughts calms down and now there are fewer thoughts.
  • Next stage is to see the possible solutions just like a light at the end of dark tunnel.
  • Keep going and do not stop till you find at least one definite resolution. This definite item is generally a truth and as the way things actually are, rather then the way normally you like to see things in somewhat biased way.
  • The meditative state gives you enough strength to accept the reality as it is, no matter how hard or unpleasant.
  • Mentally affirm, decide, internalize, apply and live that one resolution.
  • If there are more than one resolution, then take the next one and again mentally decide, internalize and apply that one.
  • Keep going till you are done with resolutions in this session.
  • Give yourself few minutes to come out of your meditative state.

Practice Stress Meditation whenever you get overwhelmed with stress. It will not only help you dealing with your stress effectively but also reduce and finally eliminate the reasons which are causing stress. Just after every dark night there is a morning and light, after every stressful time of life there is better stress-free time. After every fall, there is a rise along with the wisdom to not fall prey to same mistake again. Stress was there to teach or remind us something which we forgot. Every problem is an opportunity to have a personal growth. The bigger the challenge, the more we develop. The life is given to learn and experience from everything what happens. Our job is to apply the learning in life, the sooner the better or whenever the right time comes.

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