The End

Anything can end. Whatever has a beginning or in motion risks an end. Day ends in night. Spring ends in Summer which ends in Autumn and Autumn ends in Winter. Our life ends in what we dread "death." Relationships end in break-ups causing much pain. Just like anything else, End can be good or bad. In the greater schema of things it is nothing but a milestone of a long journey. Though it can alter the course of your whole life. It has the power to touch you so deeply that your rest of the life can never be same again. All depends on how you see an End, a closed End or beginning of something new. Sometimes a seemingly End, can be actually a test of courage, optimism and perseverance making us grow, rise higher and move forward in the right direction. It is important to look closely the phenomenon of End, its types and what to do and what to accept in the situations we are thrown in by ever changing situations of life.

End can be one of the following types:

  1. Cyclic End
  2. Temporary End
  3. Real End
  4. Permanent End

Cyclic End: Generally always an Involuntary End. The time frame depends on Nature to complete the circle. The shrub which appears to be dead after the season comes back strong with beautiful flowers in Spring. One should never worry much about the Cyclic Ends as these are not the real ends and nothing but the constant motion of change.

Temporary End: Temporary End is generally an impasse. By definition it should exist only for limited time. Many of the temporary ends are transient and again not too much of importance as they are not irreversible. Loosing a job is a temporary end as with efforts one can get the new job. In-fact the transition time in between the jobs can be utilized to improve the skills thus increasing the self-value and financial worth. Temporary breaks in relationships can also be healthy when they are the ways to know each other better because practically two persons start their journey together without knowing really nothing about each other. The only place one must show an utmost care is when an ignored, mishandled or undesired temporary End heads towards a permanent one. A fatal sickness is one easy example, if undetected and untreated that can end a precious life.

Real End: Real End is a true end. A simple example can an end of a movie we are watching. A complicated example can be an end of relationship without a physical death. Real End may or may not be a "Permanent End" depending on the situation, choices we make, decisions we take, reversibility, damage done, courage to take actions and changes we are willing to adapt. Death is a "Permanent End."

Real End has two further parameters of "Choice" and "Desire". "Choice" means that whether we have any say or control to prevent a permanent end or not. If we have a choice than it is a "Voluntary End" else an "Involuntary End". The second element is "Desire" further distinguishing the end of the one which was "Desired" to begin with or turned out to be the "Undesired" one. Putting all the pieces together we have four types of Ends:

  1. Involuntary Desired End
  2. Involuntary Undesired End
  3. Voluntary Desired End
  4. Voluntary Undesired End

The first two "Involuntary Desired End" and "Involuntary Undesired End", we can not do much as outcomes are not in our control. So best will be to focus on the remaining two of "Voluntary Desired End" and "Voluntary Undesired End" where we do have free-will and can excercise discretion, thoughts, creativity, mindfulness and right actions to shift results from undesired to desired side.

Voluntary Desired End: This end in the right end what we want. This is the best case scenario. A lingering project sapping the mental energy everyday has to come to an end so that we can begin something new with fresh freed up mind. Filing of a tax return before the due date is another example. It is not always easy to bring open items to right completion. We have to overcome hurdles and score victories over various difficulties to make the difference between a desired or undesired end. The easy, short and convenient path might not end in this destination. One must be willing to go through the pain, struggle and hard-work to reach a happy end. And when the end is well, all is well. Actually it can taste sweeter, can be more enriching and be more fulfilling if one attains it fighting against tough odds, surmounting seemingly impossible barriers and conquering fears, anxieties, doubts and disadvantages.

Voluntary Undesired End: This is the worst case scenario. This is the most painful and saddest outcome. One must try everything possible to avoid being ending up in this loser's zone. Not taking any action can end up in this end though one can also end up here by being the victim of situations, bad timing, wrong decisions, mindless actions, impatience, inexperience or just sheer bad luck. Giving your very best will always give you a satisfaction that you tried whatever was in your hand. You will not have the regret for rest of your life that you did not perform your karma for whatever reason whether it was your ego, ignorance, incompetency, procrastination or stupidity. If you are the cause of this brutal end then you must analyze and learn hard lessons to change permanently so that this kind of end never repeats again at least for same reasons. That is the only positive side of all the pain, misery and suffering one goes through after such an end. 

In spiritual life there is also a cross-over when one transforms to higher level leaving the old self behind. There is an end of old being and a beginning of new realized being, awaken, aware and enlightened. In a way there has to be a "Spiritual Death" so that there can be a "Spiritual Birth", a life completely transformed, different than the earlier life. "Spiritual Birth" is the hope of a brand new fresh life without a physical end. This can be an amazing gift to anyone on the path of spirituality. And those who are not on that path can witness the power and magic of spirituality, thus bringing inspiration and hope to their lives.

End can be a real meaningful snap-shot of change. A halt of continuity gives an opportunity to think about the path you are on and possibilities of changes in directions if needed to go towards the destination where you really want to reach. Acceptance of an End, is an acknowledgment of Beginning. Denial is darkness. End completes...End is inevitable...End is end of this writing.