Why to Meditate?

Whenever we are by ourselves, the mind most of the time goes back to the past. It remembers the emotionally traumatic events which effect us even today. It relives those moments and brings back the pain associated with them. The pain makes our life miserable. Misery breeds sadness. Best way to observe this mental state is when we get up and the mind is not yet occupied with the work and not yet distracted with the external stimuli. Not been able to shake off this misery is a problem which saps the energy away of life. Continuous haunting everyday makes us feel hopeless. And this helplessness makes us look for the way out of the situation. We become more open to try whatever could work. The name of one such road to get out is Meditation and to be on this road is to meditate regularly.

Meditation is to learn the art and science to live the moment.

  • Can one be happy in this very moment, no matter whatever is wrong within and around me?
  • Can one feel good?
  • Can one feel secure despite of many insecurities?
  • Can one take a deep breath?
  • Can one smile?
  • Can one live this moment?

If yes, then that person has learnt the art of living. The science of living it making Meditation a habit and mindfulness our nature.It is very important to learn the art and science of living in the finite short life we have.

Meditation is to be mindful that with every breathe out, could be the last breath.

  • Can one breathe out all negativity? All anger? All pain? Any hatred? Any hard feelings what so ever?
  • Can one forgive everyone from the past?
  • Can one liberate oneself as well as others completely?
  • Can one be free from anything and everything?
  • Can one be free from the prison of ego?
  • Can one break the shackles of insecurities?
  • Can one be fearless, in the midst of so many fears, real or perceived?
  • Can one accept oneself, despite of all the weaknesses, follies and shortcomings?

If so, then the new breath-in can be really new. This has the possibility of the permanent change for better and hence the potentiality of new happier fulfilling life.

Meditation is an opportunity to be able to witness the inevitability. Whatever happened had to happen. Even if something could be dragged on, it might have been just the matter of time before resulting into the same. Life is a science and whatever happens has a science behind. Realizing and understanding this science is what we do or it just happens when we meditate. The truth can set us free. The clarity generated by meditating can dispel the self-inflicting misery. The irreversible cross-over is the attainment of absolute reality which is beyond any doubts. This point in scientific terminology is called a discovery and in Meditation language an enlightenment.

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