New Meditation Technique: “Yogitation”

Yogitation is a combination of Yoga + Meditation. Yoga is for body and Meditation is for mind. Both body and mind are important and they both are connected. A healthy body is essential for a sane, productive and constructive mind. Similarly a calm, collected and composed mind has a overall positive impact on the health of our body. A stressed, disturbed and imbalance mind results in depressions, disorders and diseases. An unhealthy, lazy and unclean body leads to a dirty, negative and damaging mind. So both body and mind are important and balancing the two in the best possible optimal condition provides us the most conducive environment to do anything worthwhile in our lives, rather than just existing from one day to another.

Time is limited. Quite a bit of the time goes to sleep and other mundane daily tasks, leaving us with just few hours a day to create, build, think or act. The definition of day here is, the time we have from the moment of waking up till resting for the full proper long sleep. All our activities have this real constraint of time. Some activities are unavoidable and essential where we do not have a choice of not to perform them such as eating, taking bath etc. All other activities have an opportunity cost associated with them which means performing any of them prevents us to do something else. And with limited finite time, we just can not fit all the activities we want to do, so we have to pick some and sacrifice the remaining to be able to complete and do the justice to the selected few.

It is ideal to practice both Yoga and Meditation every day. Though in our real lives there are days when we are so short-pressed of time that we can only do either Yoga or Meditation. We generally pick up the one which we feel more the need of. Though now with “Yogitation” technique, we have something new available to still accomplish the ideal scenario for both body & mind. In Yogitation, we practice Yoga imbibing the fundamentals of Meditation. So the same time we are doing Yoga, we are also doing Meditation.

Here are some key elements and specific details of the “Yogitation” technique:

  • Start with Meditation: Begin as if starting the regular meditation, which involves grounding the rest-less mind, bringing it to the present. Relax mind completely.
  • Reach into the Meditation zone: Allow your mind to transcend from conscious state to super-conscious meditative state.
  • Eyes closed: While practising Yogitation, your eyes will be closed. This will help in internalizing. Also closed eyes will not distract your mind by unnecessary processing external images.
  • Start Yoga: Start with the sitting Yoga “asanas” (postures) first. Be in meditative state and if you loose your meditative state, then bring the attention to the third eye and be breath-aware, enjoying every single breath deeply and slowly. Relish being in present.
  • Synchronize every single Yoga pose with breath: Whenever there is an expansion or stretch of the body, slowly and deeply inhale. Whenever there is a contraction of body, then slowly and completely exhale. Do all your Yoga moves in a very natural Zen way without any jerks.
  • Stabilize Yoga postures: Do not move to the next Yoga posture, unless you are totally stable in the posture you are doing. Resist any temptation of rushing through your routine. If time is short, then do only few postures which make sure that your spinal cord twists and turns into all possible ways. If time is limited, reduce the quantity, the number of asana repetitions. Never compromise with the quality.
  • Practice Mindfulness: Apart from third eye, you can be mindful of the particular Yoga posture also, which you are doing. This means visualizing yourself and making improvements in the posture if your self-observation suggests so.
  • Follow a sequence: After finishing the sitting postures, move to standing postures and finally do the ones where you lie down.
  • Complete Yoga, continue Meditation: End Yoga with “Shavasana”, the Corpse pose. Though continue meditation. After finishing Yoga, sit back into Meditation.
  • Complete Meditation: Finally come out of the Meditation. Gradually open your eyes. Take your own time to come back to normal conscious state.

Yogitation is probably one of the best things you have ever tried in your life. The combined positive effects, you will enjoy of Yogitation, will super-cede the individual effects of just Yoga or Meditation.

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