Living Life Fully

Life is a journey to self discovery.
It is time for figuring out:

  1. Who truly you are?
  2. What you like?
  3. What you want to do?
  4. What makes you happy?
  5. How you should be living?

The Model of successful living:
The simplest cleanest model is:

  1. Define Goals: Dreams, desires, passions.
    1. Result: Start with the end in the mind. The outcomes you want. The destination you to reach.
    2. Visualize: Visualize the goals clearly and in as much details possible. Write them down. Create the new world as a canvas and paint your dreams in it, the way you want them to be.
    3. Be specific: Try to quantify them. As you know that something you cannot measure, you cannot improve. The same logic works here.
  2. Make Action-Plans: To reach to those goals.
    1. Research & Planning: We need to break-down the goals into SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) steps. This is the phase to do a little bit of research to get the big picture clear. Go to internet to search the right information or visit library or find right people/experts to contact. Then do some planning with breaking down the goal into steps with right sequence and priorities.
    2. Timeframe: Time is an important component of plan. Anything can be accomplished by infinite time. If somebody’s goal is to be very rich, that person can earn infinite money in infinite time. The key is to do finite things in finite time. This comes to resource planning, breaking down into parts and execution. Every broken piece has a definite timeframe of completion. Different plans need different timeframes. Say for your food, a plan of upto 1 week should be good enough. One should not worry about anything beyond that. The least is one day worth of plan. If three meals and next day’s breakfast is there one has sufficient time to plan the next day of meals.
    3. Execution:
      1. Reward yourself: On completing the step successfully on or before deadline, reward yourself with something you like. Make the journey fun and enriching all the way till your destination.
      2. Manage challenges, stress & pressure: The key to manage stress is having a good plan broken down into steps with timeframe and dependencies along with resource planning to make you last. You should be knowing what you are upto, how you are going to manage stuff and able to make through with the winning desired outcome.
      3. Persistence: Keep thinking and moving ahead despites of hurdles and slips. You need to show and enjoy the resilience, bouncing back stronger and higher. Quitting is the ultimate failure. The only time you fail is when you stop trying.
  3. Betterment:
    1. Identify and zero-down problems: Challenges are the only way to grow. They are your friends in disguise. Figure out the ways to overcome them.
    2. Iterations: Look for alternative solutions and pick out the best. If the first solution does not work, apply the next one mixing the wisdom learnt from the failure.
    3. New / Change / Exit: Now if you have successfully accomplished your goal, congratulate yourself and free yourself to can set the new one bigger, better and higher goals.Second outcome is coming short and you can always modify your goal to suit your liking, attitude and aptitude. May be you discovered in the process that the original goal is not what you want, then you can stop moving in that direction all together and just exit for something else which your heart, mind and soul desires.
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