The Power of Focus

There is an immense power in Focus.
Many a times it is just “Focus” which differentiates between success and failure. To understand the power of focus scientifically, here is a simple example:

Sun’s rays focused by convex lens burn the paper.
The same paper lying the extreme hot day does not catch fire unless the scattered rays are focused on it. The power is not in the lens, the secret is “concentrated” energies at one spot.

The intensity of focus can set anything in fire including human spirit.

Anyone even with limited intelligence and average IQ can produce amazing works with understanding and application of FOCUS, concentrating the thoughts, energies and efforts on chosen selected goals.

The focused mind is many times powerful than the scattered mind.

How meditation helps in increasing the Focus?
Meditation calms down the brain waves and make them more rhythmical. Normally we are in beta state which has brain waves in the range of 14 cycles per second or more. The light or superficial meditative state which is called alpha state has brain waves in the 8 to 13 cycles per second range. The continuous practice of meditation creates the power to maintain the alpha brain rhythm even during disturbing stimulations.

In meditation the repetition of the same stimulus happens over and over whether it is the chanting of mantra, attention at the mind’s third eye or breath. When the mind drifts away in thoughts, we bring it back to the same stimulus, thus calming our mind.

Researchers did an interesting experiment on meditators and non-meditators. They first let the meditators attain their meditative state and other normal people were put in enough relaxation to be in an alpha state. Researchers tried different irritating stimulus to both groups such as bright strong light, loud annoying voices, touching hot substances or cold ice. As a result, the normal people though being in alpha state came out of the state quickly, whereas the meditators stayed in their alpha state.

Alpha state can not be achieved by “itself” or by force because the very act of force puts our brain in normal beta state.

Through practice of meditation we create lasting positive impact on our mind.

We all can do wonders with the great gift of the Power of FOCUS.

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