Declutter your Mind through Meditation

We use our mind all the time. Even in our sleep our mind is working weaving dreams. Just like when our home is cluttered with so many unwanted material things making it difficult to find the right thing, at right place, at right time; the same happens with mind with too many continuous thoughts off all kinds. A cluttered mind is a huge liability. Out most precious tool becomes dull, dreary and out of control.

Meditation helps in de-cluttering the mind. Regular daily practice of meditation is like clean up everyday thus keeps us focused, sharp and clear in our thoughts.

Signs of mind-cluttering and the price we pay:
Helen Fisher is an anthropologist and a human behavior researcher at the Rutgers University. She is considered the world’s leading expert on the topic of love. In her ground-breaking book “The Anatomy of Love” (published in 1992), she postulated three main phases of love:

  1. Too many thoughts of past or present all the time, most of them are useless.
  2. Unnecessary worries and anxieties of future.
  3. Not been able to have the calm time.
  4. No clear headedness.
  5. Wrong decision making.
  6. Uncontrolled negative emotions such as anger, sadness etc.
  7. Not enjoying present moments – not having fun in day-to-day life.

How meditation helps in decluttering the mind?

  1. Being in present: In meditation we experience and realize the “present”. We detach ourselves from the shackles of the past by being the mere witness of the thoughts. We do not consciously worry about the future.
  2. Mind control: With “mindfulness” and the tools of “breath” and “mantra” we have a way for “mind control. We are no more at the mercy of our thoughts or slave of our own minds. Formal meditation technique shows us the glimpse of inner freedom & stillness we can have and thus increasing the inner true happiness. A de-cluttered mind is a happy mind.
  3. Better more meaningful perspective of time: In the words of Einstein, Minutes and hours are a convention with no absolute meaning. You are only on a treadmill if you choose to be. Only reminisce about the past or plan for the future when you do it with awareness. Otherwise, focus on what you are doing and "time will disappear".
  4. Clean-up: Meditation is like a daily “clean-up”, or like a periodic servicing of car to keep our conscious and subconscious mind in the healthy productive state.
  5. Emptying out the mental clutter: The word vacation has the rood of Latin word 'vacare' which means 'to be empty'. In meditation we are basically empting our mind. So it is like taking a “Mental Holiday” or “Mental Vacation”.

Other common-sense approaches of decluttering you mind:

  1. Simplify & manage your life more effectively: Prioritize and give up activities low down the list and spend that time in silence, in non-doing.
  2. Make a to-do list, and forget about it: Write down everything you need to do throughout your day, week, or month and forget about it. The idea is to let the paper (or computer) remember, rather than your mind. You can only carry around so much information in that noggin’ of yours, so it is best used to focus on the task at hand, rather than something in the distant future.
  3. Take life one step at a time: Focus on each stage of your day rather than the whole picture at once. It’s perfectly fine to plan ahead and you must periodically, but it is counterproductive and even hurtful to carry around those 100 things at all times. When you get up in the morning, think about getting into the shower and getting ready for the day. Don’t worry about your job while eating breakfast! Take the time to enjoy breakfast. Work will come on it’s own.
  4. Avoid interruptions: So that you can concentrate better at task at hand.
  5. Declutter your physical clutter: Clean up your desk, room & home.
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