Know thyself: Create Your New Life: Start Fresh

The series is motivated to re-engineer our lives permanently from the fundamental source.
Many a times we think it is too late to do anything now with our lives.
May be when I have a new life, I will do things differently.
Well the good news is that you can have that new life now!
You don't need to wait to let your life run out of time to begin fresh.
If you cannot make changes to your current life, there is a high probability that you will not be able to do anything differently even if you are granted a new life.
The truth is to take full responsibility and begin now before it is too late.
Curriculum for Life:

  1. Self-discovery: The very first place to begin is to find yourself and as well as to know yourself completely.
    1. Who Am I?
    2. Who I Want To Be?
    3. How Can I Be What I Want To Be?
  2. Direction: It is very important to know the destination, else the journey is meaningless no matter what your speed is.
    1. Where Am I?
    2. Where I Want To Reach?
    3. How Can I Reach There?
  3. Journey: Again there is no fun achieving your goals if your process to get there had been full of just pain, sadness & misery.
    1. How My Journey Should Be?

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