Break, Build & Balance

Break, Build & Balance (BBB) is life changing three series meditation program in which one goes through the stages of knowing one's old-self to building the happier meaningful fulfilled new-self and then from that point onwards putting life in a progressing forward path of improving the new-happy-self more and more. 

To be something one has to know what that person is now, just like to go somewhere one has to know where someone is. If you are already there where you want to be, then you do not have to move unless you want to start a new journey to go further, scale new heights and explore new deeper feelings, experiences and awareness. In other scenario if you are able to know where you are and where you want to go, then it makes it very easy to plan the journey depending on how fast you want to progress, how much time you have, and how much energies you want to invest.

In the first session of "Break", you get to know the essense of meditation and the broken down pieces of what meditation is made of. You apply mediation to break-down the main components of your life, knowing your true real self clearly.

In the second session of "Build", you will build your new-self, creating a brand new life from the building blocks of life you have now, the fundamental unit life is made of. No matter how complex, every problem has a solution. All depends in either knowing the solution or finding one. Learing life, "lifing", is just like learning driving once you learn it, you learn it forever. You can drive anywhere anytime on wheels, similarly you can create the life you want, take it to the direction you it go and change the direction if you choose a different one.

In the last and important session of "Balance", you learn the art of making the change lasting, a permanent cross-over from old-life to new-life. No slipping back. There is no point building something which fall apart and you have to re-build again and again. Life is dynamic. Change is continuous. The key is to catch the positive spiral making you progress forward every single day of your life. If some can do it, anyone and everyone can do it, the secret lies in knowing how to do it. Yes, it is that simple!

Price: $199.00